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NTSI offers the defensive driving course in New York 100% online
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Whether you’re just looking to expand your driving knowledge or are required to complete a defensive driving course for work, the New York Defensive Driving Course makes it easy to stay updated on the current driving regulations and be safer on the roads. The NYC Defensive Driving School is owned by, the official website for the National Traffic Safety Institute, and the course satisfies the six-hour defensive driving education requirement for New York taxi and limousine drivers. Here are just a few of the benefits the New York Defensive Driving Course offers.

  • Guarantees 10% auto insurance discount
  • 100% online defensive driving course
  • Free electronic reporting of completion to DMV
  • Up to 4 points reduced on your license
  • Approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
  • New York DMV Approved

Specifically Designed for New York Drivers

Our defensive driving class is specifically tailored to New York drivers. From local traffic laws to how to avoid an accident, this class teaches you how to be a better, safer driver while navigating New York’s busy roads and infamous traffic, as well as how to protect yourself and your passengers from others on the road. The course is approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and satisfies the requirements of most employers requiring employees to pass a defensive driving class.

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  • Do you want to reduce the number of points on their license through our approved NY Defensive Driving Course/Point Reduction Course
  • Do you want to receive a discount on their insurance by taking our approved NY Defensive Driving Course/Insurance Discount Course
  • Do you need to take defensive driving course as required by an employer
  • Do you wish to increase their driving knowledge

Attention Out-of State Drivers

If you are an out of state driver with a license from another state you must take the NY defensive driving class in New York unless you get permission from the judge or DMV to take it in your own state. In many cases our online defensive driving course will satisfy this requirement.

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Benefits of Defensive Driving Course We Offer

  • In the classroom you would have direct contact with a certified instructor.
  • Easy registration, 24-Hour access and Free certificate of completion & electronic reporting to the DMV plus, no final exam!

Convenient Online Access

Busy schedule? Work nights? No problem! This course is delivered 100 percent online, so you can learn defensive driving strategies and how drugs and alcohol affect other drivers from the comfort of your home. You’ll cover the same issues and topics as face-to-face classes, but you’ll have 24-hour access to the course, so you can log in and work when it’s convenient for you. By enrolling, you also get direct access to a certified instructor throughout the course.

Points and Insurance Reduction

The NYC Defensive Driving School is part of the New York Point & Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP). This means you may be eligible to have up to four points taken off your license upon successful completion of the course. You may also be able to present your completion certificate to your insurance company for a discount on your premiums.

We also automatically report to the DMV when you complete the program for a truly hassle-free experience. If you’re ready to sign up for the New York Defensive Driving Course online, register now or contact us for more information today!

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